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Product Features: 

Full bumper replacement or a bumper over design

ADR & Air Bag compliant 

Air Directional Cooling Vents 

CB Aerial Bracket on selected models

ECB Bumper Lights 

ECB LED Indicator/Park Lamps ICLED100 

Lifetime Warranty 

Choice of superior finishes

Winch Bar Kit on selected models

Big Tube Bars incorporate either a full bumper replacement or a bumper over design. The Big Tube™ Bar wraps around the front of the vehicle to form an incredibly secure and strong fit. All bars feature a 6mm thick hi-tensile alloy one piece channel section, with a fully welded construction consisting of 76 x 4.75mm centre tube and either 63 x 4.2mm or 47 x 3.25mm fully gusseted shoulder tubes and a fully braced lower protection skirt. LED Indicator/Park lights with optional fog lights come standard on most East Coast Bullbars. Big Tube Winch bars are also available on selected models.

Legendary High Tensile Alloy Bars.

Stongest fully ADR compliant alloy bar on the market.