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 The Ultimate Choice for Strength, Safety, & Style 
Welcome to our dedicated information page on ECB Bullbars, Australia's leading manufacturer of alloy bullbars. With a rich history of producing high-quality, Australian-made products since 1971, ECB Bullbars are designed to provide unmatched protection and style for your 4x4 vehicle. At Australian Vehicle Accessories, we are proud to offer ECB Bullbars at the best prices to suit most makes and models. 
 ECB Bullbar Product Features 
Full Bumper Replacement or Bumper Over Design
ECB Bullbars offer either a full bumper replacement or a bumper over design, ensuring a secure and strong fit that wraps around the front of your vehicle.
 ADR Compliant 
Should your vehicle be equipped with the latest OEM safety features, rest assured that your ECB Bullbar is designed to seamlessly integrate with all sensors and sonars. With ECB's commitment to enhancing vehicle safety, their frontal protection products consistently complement and amplify the existing safety features without compromising their performance.
 Air Directional Cooling Vents 
Engineered with air directional cooling vents, ECB Bullbars help maintain optimal engine temperatures during your off-road adventures.
 CB Aerial Bracket on Selected Models 
Some ECB Bullbar models come equipped with a CB Aerial Bracket for easy installation of your CB radio antenna.
 ECB LED Bumper Lights 
Enhance your vehicle's visibility with ECB Bumper Lights, designed to seamlessly integrate with your ECB Bullbar.
 ECB LED Indicator/Park Lamps 
Most East Coast Bullbars come standard with LED Indicator/Park lamps, with optional fog lights available.
 Lifetime Warranty 
Enjoy peace of mind with ECB's exclusive Lifetime Warranty on all their Australian-made frontal protection products.
 Choice of Superior Finishes 
Choose from a premium range of finishes to match your vehicle's aesthetics and your personal style.
 Winch Bar Kit on Selected Models 
For those in need of additional pulling power, ECB offers a Winch Bar Kit on selected models.
 Legendary High Tensile Alloy Bars 
ECB Bullbars are made from 6mm thick hi-tensile alloy, forming a one-piece channel section with fully welded construction, gusseted shoulder tubes, and a braced lower protection skirt. This makes them the strongest, fully ADR compliant alloy bars on the market.
Experience the exceptional quality, protection, and style offered by ECB Bullbars. Contact Australian Vehicle Accessories today to find the perfect ECB Bullbar for your vehicle.

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