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Lightweight, Stylish, and Australian-Made Protection

Discover the world-class quality and protection of ECB Nudge Bars, proudly manufactured in Australia. As a leading provider of vehicle accessories, we offer ADR compliant, lightweight, and functional ECB Nudge Bars at the best prices to suit most makes and models.

ECB Nudge Bar Product Features

 T6 Hi-Tensile Alloy Tube 

ECB Nudge Bars are made from T6 hi-tensile alloy tubes, providing strength, durability, and a sporty appeal to your vehicle.

series 1

 Lifetime Warranty 

Enjoy peace of mind with ECB's exclusive Lifetime Warranty on all their Australian-made Nudge Bars.


 ADR Compliant 

Should your vehicle be equipped with the latest OEM safety features, rest assured that your ECB Nudge Bar is designed to seamlessly integrate with all sensors and sonars. With ECB's commitment to enhancing vehicle safety, their frontal protection products consistently complement and amplify the existing safety features without compromising their performance.

 Spot Light Mounting Tabs 

Easily mount spotlights on your ECB Nudge Bar to enhance visibility during your off-road adventures.



ECB Nudge Bars are designed to be lightweight, ensuring they won't add unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

 Range of Finishes 

Choose from a range of premium finishes to match your vehicle's aesthetics and your personal style.


Series 2 Nudge Bar: Practical and Stylish Protection

The Series 2 Nudge Bar offers a practical and stylish protection solution, making parking easier by providing a clear view of your vehicle's front end from the driver's seat.

Nudge Bar

 Lower Brace Tube for Enhanced Protection

On some models, an optional Lower Brace Tube is available, offering further protection to your bumper and vital cooling equipment inside.

Upgrade your vehicle's protection and style with an ECB Nudge Bar. Contact AVA today to find the perfect Nudge Bar for your vehicle.

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